Simon Gray

I am a process painter; using the shapes and contours of watercolour paint to dictate the image I construct and deconstruct by using black ink to create silhouettes, bringing to life A whole new painting. Playing with the fundamentals and the grammar of painting to create abstract backgrounds that are best described as an experiment with the fundamental process of painting. Grounded by the representational image of the silhouette, creating paintings that are rich in colour.

Using silhouettes your mind and creativity fill in the lack of detail. A silhouette of a person is much more than an outline of a person. They could be deep in thought, sad, happy, or just watching the birds fly in the sky, the possibilities are endless. You create your own theories or emotions behind each illustration, making them have a special meaning to you.

The abstract watercolour background has an impact on the viewer, the act of seeing something comes before the process of reacting to it. Once our eyes have allowed us to experience colour, everything else about ourselves determines the meaning and emotions we attach to it.

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